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We provide LP gas service and repairs to most makes and models. If you have an LP Gas problem, we can definitely assist you. Call us to discuss your requirements. We strongly recommend to service your LP Gas system once a year or every 20,000 Km this will prevent expensive major work and you will achieve the best performance, economy and hassle free driving. Please note all LP Gas cylinders in vehicles requires mandatory testing every ten years. Did you know insurance companies will reject your claim if your tank is out of date?

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LP Gas Repairs and maintenance prolong the life of your engine

Many customers are not aware of the importance of regular servicing of their LPG conversion vehicles. In addition to the regular servicing that all vehicles must undergo each year, cars with conversion to gas need to have a specialised LPG service. Fortunately, with All-Tek Automotives, we can do both for you. Next time you need a regular service, book in with us and we will make sure your LPG conversion is running as smoothly as it should.

Auto gas conversion + Routine LPG Repairs & Service = Peace of mindGas_tank_in_boot

With regular maintenance, an auto gas conversion actually prolongs the life of your engine. We will work with you to maintain a regular routine of servicing.

For optimum performance, we recommend that after your car is converted to gas it has a yearly (or 20,000km) specialised LPG service. This will increase the reliability as the parts that routinely are worn out get replaced regularly.

TANK TEST - Mandatory every 10 years

To ensure that your auto gas conversion maintains its integrity, we can perform a tank test. The law requires that for your continued roadworthiness, your LPG tank must be tested and if passed, a certificate of compliance must be issued. Motor vehicle insurance policies also stipulate compliance with 10-year Tank Tests. If you are unsure about your tank's integrity, or history of tank testing

Quality Professional Auto gas Conversion and service for all makes of vehicles. Ask us how to save $$$$.

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Established in 1985 ALL-TEK AUTOMOTIVES P/L has always been a family operated business striving to give our customers a good old fashion Friendly, Quality and Value for money Service.

We know how important it is for our customers to have their vehicles maintained so that it is safe and reliable as we have come to rely so much on our vehicle now a days as it is a necessity and very much part of our lives. We take the time and listen to our customers so that we can best serve their needs and concerns. We take extra care when we are servicing a vehicle to look out for signs of wear and tear on moving components. We believe it is our duty to inform you of the overall condition of your car and possibly any repairs that might be required in the short term. This is why we will always give you a report outlining any potential work required so that we can work together with you to bring your vehicle up to a safe and reliable standard.

We always invest in the latest technology with tools, equipment and programs. We also regularly take part in training to keep up to date with the ever changing technology.

We cater for most makes and models from local cars such as Ford, Holden to Japanese Cars such as Honda, Mazda, Nissan and Toyota; we have a soft spot for European cars whether it be a BMW, Mercedes Benz, Saab or Volvo we will take care of it as if it is our own.

We mainly service the Dandenong and surrounding south east suburbs. We are a one stop mechanical work shop. We perform all types of work such as log book services, maintenance, breakdown, tuning, fault finding, brake and clutch, auto transmission service and repairs, recondition diffs, recondition cylinder heads, shockers, exhaust and auto electrical work.

You can discuss with us how we can help yo reduce your running cost of your vehicle by having it converted to an environmentally friendly LP Gas conversion as this is our specialty. We import and manufacture components as required for each vehicle application.

Other services that we can assist you with are Tow bar fitment, Windscreen repairs and car alarms with remote entry.

Roadworthy Certificate Inspections, Car Registration Safety Checks, Pre Purchase Inspections, Rego Checks, Complete Car Service.


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